You’ve Got Mail!

Well thank god it is Friday, it is lovely and sunny outside and weekend is about to begin.

One of our Members was kind enough to share with us a little insight into the reasons for dieting. For this particular Member it was all about internet dating which reminded me of the film “YOU’VE GOT MAIL”.  I do hope that our Member gets the same success as Meg Ryan did in that “RomCom” film of the early 90s

The reasons for wanting to lose inches, because it is really inches we care about, are unlimited and range from fear of diabetes right to the way through to simply wanting to impress that potential partner who you have yet to meet. But for the pre diabetic to the patient lover the one thing that really is important is that the loss of inches last. Is it enough to simply drop a dress size? What you really want is to drop the dress size and keep it that way. Looking good for one dinner date won’t be enough.

What we do know is that the body takes 6 months to properly adjust to its new size so you need to find a way, right at the beginning, of sustaining the weight loss to allow your body to adjust and secure the new shape for life. That means that anything that is not sustainable will not work however much is lost in the first month or so.

Dieting has to be a change of life and not just a change for a month or a week or a day.  Have a great weekend !

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