Yet another scare!

The wonderful thing about GoLower is the customers we have. Not only do we learn so much about what they do and dont like but we are also very fortuneate that many of our customers tell us about what they are reading in the press about diets and in particular low carb diets. On saturday I had the good fortune to be alerted to a piece in the Telegraph and the Mail that carried the story about the apparent certain evidence that low carb diets cause memory loss.  I read the article carefully and ordered the article on line by paying the sum of $30.  Now guess how many people were tested to find out about memory loss? 200? 2000? No it was 19.  Now guess how long they were tested for?  1 month, 3 months or even a year? No 3 weeks. Was it properly randomized? No

How can such a poor piece of research ( which did not appear in any of the significant publications ) make it to the national press?   I have no idea but it does make me weep.

What has been tested over a 6 month period in randomised proper clinical trials is that when you switch the body from burning carbs to burning protein it can take up to 6 weeks for the body to perform as well but once the switch has taken place there is simply no difference other than it is more likely that the body will build muscle with low carb / high protein diets and  your cholesterol profile will improve. So why bother doing a piece of research over 3 weeks with 19 people?

No doubt the debate will continue but lets hope the quality of the attack will improve.

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