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This morning I found a great new site in beta called Opposing Views, which pitches experts head-to-head on a whole range of issues, with a dedicated section for readers to respond and debate, and other tabs flagging up related news and links.

One of the recent questions posed is ‘are low-carb diets healthy?’ and there are some very interesting articles and opinions on the topic. Experts piling in to say ‘yes’ include Dr Richard Feinman, Professor of Biochemistry at Downstate Medical Center (SUNY) in New York and Dr Christopher D Gardner, Director of Nutrition Studies at the Stanford Prevention Research Center and an Associate Professor of Medicine at Stanford University.

There are already 20 lengthy comments from readers inspired by the debate, so why not go in and add your thoughts. Of course, not every low carb diet is alike or takes consideration of all the factors involved. And, as with every debate, emotional polemic and generalized waffle make an appearance too. But with both strong science and personal testimonials speaking up for low carb principles, it’s great to see low carb myths start to be smashed.

13 October 2008

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In my daily conversations and reading about weight loss, one thing continues to intrigue me. No-one bats an eyelid at a ‘low-fat diet’ – but why is low carb still considered so controversial?

During the summer this piece of research was published showing the long term effects of three types of diet. Low Fat, Mediterranean and Low Carb. The report was looking at a whole heap of factors and yet again , notwithstanding the expectations of the health industry, low carb comes out best . It is only one of many studies proving that the diet is not harmful, and is effective. But out of those three diets, low carb is probably the one people know least about or are least confident in.

A low carb, high protein diet is based around the ways our bodies have evolved to best process food – the hunter-gatherer principle – and therefore should seem the most logical and natural thing in the world. But as in all areas of our life, propaganda and advertising can influence us on a very strong emotional level. Decades’ worth of images of smiling skinny women munching on nothing but carrots and rice cakes convince us this is the only way to stay slim, even when the reality makes us miserable.

Why do you think people remain strangely resistant to the idea of low carb eating?

9 September 2008

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