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This week a lovely lady rang us looking for some advice. She had been following the Go Lower regime for about 5 days but had not made any progress in terms of weight loss or inch loss, and was understandably concerned.

As we chatted about her first week on the programme, she let slip that she’d indulged in some Kentucky Fried Chicken. She knew that Go Lower is a high protein plan, so she was sure that a big piece of chicken would be fine. Of course, the sad truth is that KFC has little to do with protein but a lot to do with starch. That crispy coating is full of quickly processed sugar.

I had to admit to her that she’s undone five days’ good work with just one meal. Unlike the calorie counting diets she was used to – which allow extra one day and less the other – a ketogenic diet
like Go Lower involves changing the way you eat forever. Once you understand the principles behind it and nail the do’s and don’ts, you’re home free – and for life, not just for a few, fluctuating months. Sacrificing a bit of the Colonel’s ‘chicken’ doesn’t seem so bad once the weight’s falling off – so she’s now tucking into fresh, herby chicken chasseur instead!

3 October 2008

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Despite what you might have heard, meat is definitely good for us. Poor old flesh gets a regular kicking; we’re often told that eating meat will kill us in the end, and probably destroy the planet too. Is there any truth in these rather extreme allegations?

I regard them as very unfair. Meat, as part of a balanced, healthy diet, has much to commend it. It’s rich in essential fatty acids (omega 3) and a natural source of essential amino acids. The key message is, buy good quality meat rather than cheap meat products.

As for claims that meat-eating is contributing to climate change, if you eat meat produced locally, the environmental impact is kept to the minimum. Since meat has natural satiety benefits – that is, it gives the eater a feeling of satisfaction – we tend to eat less of it. Again, with positive implications for the environment.

And let’s not forget that the meat industry is an integral part of the dairy industry. Our steaks, mince and chops are by-products of milk, cream, butter and cheese production.

As with most things, meat eating is all about balance , quality and consideration. But it can be a great move, both for your body and your conscience.

22 September 2008

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