Sustainability – what does this really mean

My rant last week about sustainable seemed to upset a number of people who wanted to explain to me why the only sustainable way to diet is to eat less and do more…ie calorie count and join a gym.


The interesting thing about this is not so much the gym part but more the eating less part.  Calorie counting is not and never can be sustainable unless you decide to buy all your food in ready meal format or perhaps in the future go to restaurants.


I can’t help but think it strange that we have got so far removed from food as a society that any one can tell me that measuring food by numbers is sustainable.   How mad is that. Just think about it for a moment.


The only way to make anything sustainable is to ensure that you do not require any third party to tell you what to eat at any point. If you are a vegetarian it is sustainable whether you buy ready meals or cook for yourself. You look at the food and you know whether it is animal or vegetable. You don’t need a food scientist or technician to calculate what is in the carrot or the piece of pasta.


However if you calorie count you definitely do need someone to tell you what you are eating.  I stopped looking at the back of food packets long ago because I simply started eating what I am supposed to eat…Just think like a hunter gatherer and frankly the choice of what to eat is simple. No need for labels unless you want to buy a ready meals but then you do need to know what the manufacturers have hidden in your meal and by that I don’t mean calories


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