Sugar Surprise

It is generally accepted that sugar is linked to obesity if it is eaten in excessive amounts. But what has been highlighted in numerous studies is that the more sugar we consume the faster we are likely to age.

The bio chemical process is simple. When you eat sugar or anything that turns to sugar quickly (which means some starches) the starch and sugar turns to glucose in the blood stream. Normally you would hope that the glucose is quickly transported to cells that need energy. If however the blood can not get rid of the glucose quick enough the excess glucose will over time start to link itself with protein molecules in the blood. This process is called glycation.

If this process continues you then develope AGEs which are Advanced Glycation End products and these can cause inflammation and damage to your skin and circulation.

But ofcourse anyone familiar with the hunter gatherer diet would have no difficulty understanding why we are simply not designed to have lots of sugar whether it is in the manufactured form or the natural form found in fruit. Sugar is a treat !

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