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MADRE, together with the Institute for Gender, Law, and Transformative Peace at CUNY School of Law, launched the report Gender Persecution in Afghanistan.

published: 03/30/2023
Feminist Foreign Policy Lessons on the Iraq War Anniversary

Twenty years ago, the United States invaded Iraq. The consequences of that catastrophic decision are impossible to fully document, although many have valiantly tried to tally the lives lost, the communities ripped apart, and the hopes for real democracy and peace dashed. Yet, amidst all that, one fact remains indisputable: the US invasion spelled disaster for Iraqi women. It obliterated protections for their rights and gender justice that they are still struggling to attain.

published: 03/21/2023

MADRE، به عنوان بخشی از کار ان در داخل مکانیسم هماهنگی حقوق بشر افغانستان ،برای اولین بار دو منبع مهم معلوماتی جهت حمایت از عدالت جنسیتی, افزایش ظرفیت مستند سازی مسایل نقض حقوق بشر و آگهی بیشتر در فرآیند عبور از مرزها را در أفغانستان از راه اندازی میکند

published: 09/29/2022

MADRE د افغانستان د بشري حقونو د همغږۍ په میکانیزم کې زموږ د کار د یوې برخې په توګه په افغانستان کې د جنسیتي عدالت د غورځنګ د ملاتړ لپاره د افغان ښځو د بشري حقونو مدافعینو (W/HRDs)   لپاره دوه نوې سرچینې په لاره اچولي دي او دا دوه سرچینی د بشري حقونو د سرغړونو د مستند کولو لپاره د دوی ظرفیت لوړول، او د پولو څخه د تیریدو د پروسې د پوهاوي زیاتوالی دی.

published: 09/28/2022
MADRE Article

MADRE, as part of our work within the Afghanistan Human Rights Coordination Mechanism, has launched two new resources for Afghan women/human rights defenders (W/HDRs) in an effort to support the gender justice movement in Afghanistan, enhance their capacity to document human rights violations, and increase understanding of the process of crossing borders.

published: 09/28/2022

Reproductive justice has always been at the heart of MADRE’s grantmaking and advocacy work with feminist partners across the world. Reproductive justice is a pillar of equality and opportunity for people who are, or may become, pregnant. 

published: 05/06/2022
Blog Post

We’re grateful to have greater solidarity with our partners, as they put peace and care into action. A more just world is possible when we amplify and trust women’s leadership, together. 

published: 03/22/2022
Press Release
Screenshot Image of Alliance for Human Rights in Afghanistan logos

 A diverse array of human rights organizations have come together to establish an alliance to collectively monitor the dire human rights situation in Afghanistan and advocate for the protection of human rights and accountability for all violations and abuses.

published: 03/03/2022

When a disaster hits or when conflict or war breaks out, women and girls jump in to take action. In these moments, our partners need us most.

published: 02/03/2022
Your Support in Action

In late October 2021, MADRE hosted a powerful virtual conversation on the critical work we're doing to support our partners in Haiti and Afghanistan amid the ongoing crises in both countries.

published: 11/19/2021

MADRE condemns the military coup in Sudan, a blow to the vision of democracy for which people there have struggled and mobilized.

published: 10/26/2021
Press Release

In a letter to United Nations (UN) agencies and member states, Feminist Action for Afghanistan, a global coalition of Afghan and international women’s and feminist organizations condemns a growing pattern of exclusion of Afghan women from key mechanisms to address Afghanistan’s humanitarian crisis.

published: 10/19/2021
Blog Post

MADRE has always opposed US military intervention in Afghanistan, knowing war would never be a sustainable way to win rights for Afghan women or anyone else for that matter.

published: 09/16/2021