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Terms of Use Policy

User Agreement

The MADRE website (/) (the "website") is available for your personal and education purposes. By accessing and using the website, you (the "user") agrees that you have read and accepted these Terms of Use. Use of the website is contingent upon this agreement. If you do not agree with these Terms of Use, do not access or use any part of the website. MADRE reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time, without notice to you, and you must consult the most recent version of this User Agreement each time you use the website. These terms and conditions apply only to this website.

Limitation of Liability

The website is provided to you "as is" without any warranties of any kind, express or implied. MADRE disclaims all warranties, express or implied, of any kind with respect to goods and services sold on or through the website. You agree that you will hold harmless MADRE and its officers, directors, employees, and volunteers from all claims arising out of or related to your access or use of, or your inability to access or use, this website or the information contained in this website or other websites to which it is linked. You further agree that MADRE or the contributors of information to the website will not be liable for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by you in reliance on such information.

Content Usage

All information that appears on this website, such as text, data, graphics, logos, audio, video, are, unless noted otherwise, the property of MADRE and may not be copied, reproduced, reprinted, transmitted, distributed, altered, performed, displayed or otherwise used in part or whole in any manner without explicit prior consent from MADRE, except that if the user makes a single copy of the content for personal and noncommercial use which does not harm MADRE, and provided the user does not remove any trademarks, copyrights, or any notice contained. The website also contains an online store with ordering capabilities. You must be 18 years of age or older to place an order with the MADRE online store.

Conflict of Interest Policy

The members of the board of directors and any management employees of MADRE shall avoid conflicts of interest and any conduct which may suggest the appearance of impropriety in the disbursement of funds.

If a potential conflict of interest arises, the board member or management employee must disclose the potential conflict to the board of directors. Further, the board member or management employee shall not vote on nor participate in the solicitation, negotiation, formation, award, arbitration, modification, or settlement of any contract or grant involving any State funds or any dispute arising under such contract or grant when the board member or management employees stands to benefit, either directly or indirectly, from such contract or grant.

A board member or management employee is not deemed to benefit directly or indirectly from a contract or grant if he or she receives only the salary or stipend due to him or her in the normal course of employment with or service to MADRE.

Whistleblower Policy

MADRE requires all Board of Directors (the Board) members, staff and volunteers to observe high standards of business and personal ethics in the conduct of their duties and responsibilities. As representatives of MADRE, the Board, staff and volunteers are expected to practice honesty and integrity in fulfilling their responsibilities and are required to comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

This Whistleblower Policy is intended to encourage and enable staff and others to raise serious concerns internally so that MADRE can address and correct inappropriate conduct and actions. The organization encourages complaints, reports, or inquiries about illegal practices or serious violations of MADRE’s Code of Conduct and Ethics and rules and regulations, including illegal or improper conduct by the organization itself, by its leadership, or by others on its behalf. Appropriate subjects to raise under this policy would include financial improprieties, accounting or audit matters, ethical violations, or other similar illegal or improper practices or policies. It is the responsibility of all board members, staff, volunteers and partners to report concerns about violations of MADRE’s Code of Conduct and Ethics or suspected violations of law or regulations that govern MADRE’s operations.

No Retaliation

It is contrary to the values of MADRE for anyone to retaliate including intimidate, harass, discriminate or implement adverse employment consequences, against any board member, staff, or volunteer who in good faith reports an ethics violation, or a suspected violation of law or MADRE’s policies, including but not limited to complaints of discrimination and suspected fraud, theft, embezzlement, accounting or auditing irregularities, bribery, kickbacks, and misuse of MADRE’s assets, as well as any violations or suspected violations of high business and personal ethical standards and other regulations governing the operations of MADRE. An employee who retaliates against someone who has reported a violation in good faith is subject to discipline up to and including termination of employment.

Reporting Procedure

MADRE suggests that staff and volunteers share their questions, concerns, suggestions or complaints with their immediate supervisor. If you are not comfortable speaking with your supervisor or you are not satisfied with your supervisor’s response, you are encouraged to speak with the Operations and Human Resources Manager and/or directly to the Deputy Director. Staff and others with concerns or complaints may also submit their concerns in writing and/or anonymously. Receipt of all complaints will be acknowledged within five business days by the appropriate party, but only to the extent the reporting person's identity is disclosed or a return address is provided.

Supervisors are required to report complaints or concerns about suspected ethical and legal violations directly to the Deputy Director, or the Executive Director, as appropriate, who has the responsibility ensure that all complaints about unethical or illegal conduct are promptly investigated and resolved, with corrective action taken if warranted by the investigation. Any questions with regard to the scope, interpretation or operation of this Whistleblower Policy should also be directed to the Deputy Director.

The Deputy Director will also advise the Executive Director and/or the Board, as appropriate, of all complaints and their resolution.

Accounting and Auditing Matters

MADRE will report at least annually to the Board on compliance activity relating to accounting or alleged financial improprieties. The Deputy Director and/or the Executive Director shall immediately notify the Board and its Finance Committee (the Committee) of any concerns or complaint regarding corporate accounting practices, internal controls or auditing and work with the Committee until the matter is resolved. The Committee will be free in its sole discretion to engage outside auditors, counsel or other experts to assist in the investigation and in the analysis of results.

Acting in Good Faith

Anyone filing a written or verbal complaint concerning a violation or suspected violation must be acting in good faith and have reasonable grounds for believing the information disclosed indicates a violation. Any allegations that prove not to be substantiated and which prove to have been made maliciously or knowingly to be false will be viewed as a serious disciplinary offense. It may also result in discipline, up to and including dismissal from the Board or volunteer position or termination of employment. Such conduct may also give rise to other actions, including civil lawsuits.


Violations or suspected violations may be submitted on a confidential basis by the complainant. Reports of violations or suspected violations will be kept confidential to the extent possible, consistent with the need to conduct an adequate investigation. Disclosure of reports of concerns to individuals not involved in the investigation will be viewed as a serious disciplinary offense and may result in discipline, up to and including dismissal from the Board or volunteer position or termination of employment, including giving rise to other actions, including civil lawsuits.

To report, please send a letter to:

Attn: Maya Crawford, Deputy Director


121 West 27th Street, Suite 301

New York, NY 10001


Grants Assistance Program

MADRE is a registered 501c(3) non-profit organization. As such, we take legal responsibility for every organization we fiscally sponsor. We provide your organization with credibility, accountability and a legal framework consisting of:

  1. The ability to receive tax-deductible contributions from donors
  2. Federal and state tax exemption for income and property tax purposes
  3. Inclusion in the corporate, legal structure of MADRE
  4. State registration for fundraising

As a fiscally sponsored project of MADRE, you receive more than tax exempt status. Our services also include:

  • Financial Management
    • MADRE's accounting department manages all project finance functions, and provides you and your donors with timely and accurate financial information.
  • Bookkeeping and Accounting
    • RE: Cash Receipts, MADRE:
      • Accepts and applies funds according to grant conditions
      • Posts funds into financial accounting system
      • Manages banking relationship and reconciliation
      • Provides acknowledgement to donors of tax-deductible donations
  • RE: Account Payable, MADRE:
    • Disburses funds according to vendor contracts
    • Provides expedited AP processing
    • Posts into financial accounting system
    • Offers credit card management*
    • Manages vendors
    • Conducts wire transfers
  • RE: General Ledger, MADRE:
    • Runs monthly GL reports
    • Produces and maintains financial records and reporting by grant
    • Generates monthly income statements
  • RE: Financial Reporting & Compliance, MADRE:
    • Produces jursidictional reports ( Secretaries of States, IRS-990)
    • Offers annual consolidated audits
    • Offers special audits for government grants*

*May be optional or entail an additional fee


Non-Profit Ratings

MADRE is an international women's human rights organization that works in partnership with sister organizations around the world. To sustain our work, we rely on donations and grants. As a result, we are classified as a charitable organization and cooperate with rankings systems, such as Charity Navigator and GuideStar, that allow potential members and donors to evaluate us before contributing.

MADRE is committed to utter transparency both within these rankings systems and outside of them, including but not limited to undergoing a yearly audit and making our financial information publicly available.

These rankings occasionally rise and fall due to circumstances such as the rate at which our organization grows from year to year and shifting criteria within the rankings themselves. We welcome any questions or concerns; please email [email protected] if you would like any further information.