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Organizational Strengthening

Community-based and women-led initiatives have great potential to address global crises from local perspectives in ways that promote women’s rights.

But too often, the full potential of such initiatives isn’t realized. While they deliver benefits to the individual communities they serve, these initiatives rarely amass the collective power needed to induce broad social change.

MADRE provides training, tools, knowledge, infrastructure and strategic exchange opportunities to build skills and alliances — among our community-based partners and with philanthropists, policymakers, activists and movements.

What We Do to Strengthen Organizations


We provide our partners with training and skills-building to effectively meet the self-identified needs of women and communities facing war, disaster and their aftermath


We accompany our partners in shared human rights advocacy campaigns that promote women's leadership, that generate policy wins and that implement those successes in local communities

Funding Models

We present effective models for funding grassroots-level social change work to philanthropic communities, and engage in strategic discussion to strengthen our shared approaches as grantmakers

Legal Expertise

We bring legal expertise and policy recommendations to advance community-based women's engagement with policymakers from the local to international levels

Advocacy and Communications

We deepen public discourse and action that promote community-based women's solutions to end gender violence, promote climate justice and build a just peace

Strategic Exchange

We share with peer organizations case studies and lessons learned from our work, and engage in joint campaigns to deepen our impact

"We value that MADRE is collaborative, respects our perspectives and strengthens our work. Few organizations go to the communities to understand the context and generate relationships, like MADRE does. Also, MADRE generates knowledge and learning that can be transferred to other partner organizations."

- Haidy Duque, Taller de Vida, Colombia

Who We Work With

Each of us plays an essential role in growing strong, progressive movements. MADRE focuses on these key constituencies — our learning allies — to strengthen their capacities, to achieve our strategic goals and to advance gender justice.

Our Community-Based Partners

We strengthen individuals and organizations through trainings in human rights, program management, organizational sustainability, and monitoring and evaluation, as well as through our transnational activist convenings and learning exchanges.

Our Supporters

We communicate regularly with our membership base of donors and activist supporters, to provide them with opportunities to take action and materials to deepen their understanding of global gender justice issues.

Philanthropists and Funders

We engage with the funding community to offer case studies and lessons from our model of work, rooted in a belief that we are peers and partners in shared solidarity movements, rather than donors and beneficiaries.

Peer Organizations

We collaborate with peer organizations to boost our collective capacity to generate impact. We offer lessons from our work for replication and learning, and seek to build on the work of our allies.


We provide expertise and concrete recommendations for policymakers, which deepens their understanding of our priority issues and strengthens their capacities to leverage change.

How do we know when we've succeeded in our organizational strengthening?
  • Our partners are more active, influential and engaged in social movements and have embedded movement gains at the community level.

  • Our partners are sought out as legitimate experts, recognized and respected by local, national and international decision-makers, including traditional leaders, multilateral and government institutions, judicial institutions, academic institutions and the media, among others.

  • Our public education strategies enable people to transform their values into coherent positions on human rights and create new entry points to progressive activism.

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