Is ketosis bad for us?

Just today someone asked on the forum whether being in ketosis is dangerous. They had got this idea from the nhs direct website which says:-

“because long periods of ketosis can be dangerous to your kidneys and liver, ketogenic diets are never recommended by health professionals for more than short-term use, typically no longer than 14 days. Many nutritionists warn their patients, especially women in the early stages of pregnancy, against following them at all”.

The human body is actually designed to go in to ketosis.  Our bodies are evolved to burn our body fat for energ. So being in ketosis is completly natural.  The human body (including the liver and kidney)  is designed to be in ketosis for as long as it is necessary without a time limit as such.

 So why does nhs direct feel it necessary to warn us off being in ketosis for  more than 14 days?  Has there been a clincial trial published to show that ketosis for more than 14 days is bad for our livers or kidney?

The answer is No. infact there have been several long term studies published in the past few years that conclusively show that ketosis has no adverse affects on the kidney or the liver or the heart or cholesterol  whether you are in ketosis for less than 14 days or more than 14 days.  Infact the studies show quite the contrary.  The studies show that following a low carb, high protien diet not only offers fast weight and inch loss but improves your cholesterol profile.

So why does the nhs provide advice which is not based on evidence based science.  The answer is dieticians. Unfortuneatly the page on ketosis has been drafted and written by a dietician who has been taught to believe that ketosis is bad for you. Notwithstanding the absence of proper clincial evidence to support this view, it is adhered to religously by dieticians. Nutritonists are also trained to believe that ketosis is bad for you but again there is simply no evidence to show that this is right.

 Tribesman across the world as well as Innuits in Alaska have lived on diets completely dependant on being in and out of ketosis without any adverse affects to their livers and kidneys which are human organs evolved to deal with high protien diets. If Darwin is right we should all be eating high protien; low carb diets.

Finally we are blessed with the support of the very best obesity experts in the UK and this support is a reflection of the integrity and safety of the diet and the use of ketosis.  Have no fear we don’t recommend anything without basing that advice on proper evidence based science which has been published in peer reviewed journals and supported by proven experts. – I guess that is the lawyer in me!

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