Hurrah for pork scratchings!

At golower we pride ourselves on ensuring that everything we make is not only designed to ensure that you burn body fat fast but is also designed to provide you will all the essentials for human life so that our clients don’t need to go and buy vitamins and minerals.  We not only want people to lose weight but also enjoy optimum health.

For some of our clients the golower Pork Crunch  has been a challenge. This is not surprising after 40 years of saturated fat bashing by a bunch of misguided dieticians. Whilst those in the know are quite comfortable with a high quality pork scratching snack it can be hard for the health conscious consumer to believe that this innocent snack could actually be good for them.

Well as ever the Mail is first in line to dispel a myth and published today a really good article which highlighted the benefits of pork scratching. In particular it emphasised the fact that two-thirds of all its fat is actually mono and polyunsaturated fats, beneficial for heart health, with 13 per cent of its fat coming from stearic acid, a type of saturated fat that doesn’t raise cholesterol levels. As explained pork scratching is effectively concentrated collagen from skin and is high in protein which keeps you feeling full. In addition protein benefits muscle and bone health.

One bag of golower pork crunch contains 2g more protein than an egg, or about a fifth of your recommended daily allowance. Because we are golower our salt content is low so no worries there.

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