Frank talks frankly about fats

Good morning
Over the weekend I was delighted to read an editorial piece in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition by Frank B Hu focusing on the publication of the significant study by Jakobsen et al comparing the association between the intake of saturated fats and carbohydrates. This is the largest epidemiological study ever done looking at the replacement of saturated fats with good and bad carbohydrates and is also notable for its long duration.
To converts like myself the outcome of the study brings no surprises and shows that you actually increase your risk of heart disease etc when you replace saturated fats with carbohydrates.
What Frank Hu very kindly points out, in his editorial summary, is that the low fat carbohydrate based diet (approximately 70% carbs) which is traditional in Asian populations has the potential to cause havoc in a western population. The Asian communities are generally very active and lean in the first place. Therefore the high carb low fat diet is fine. Mix this diet with a passive overweight community and you create an obesity diabetes crises and the reason for this is insulin and insulin resistance.
So the simplistic idea that we should look at thin people around the world and copy their diet is based on a lack of sophisticated thinking and quality biochemistry knowledge.
Let us all hope ( especially those that are obese or diabetic) that this small editorial piece is the first of many shouting from the roof tops that the problem in our diet today is not the fat or the protein but the starch and sugar!

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