Eggs and other matters

There was a terrific piece in the Daily Mail recently which was focused on eggs and how these dangerous little items were likely to kill diabetics if they ate more than one a day. Yet again the humble chicken egg is the focus of much loathing and fear.

This was in the same week I heard a talk presented by  Robert Gorden University on the dietary benefits  of a low carb diet. Robet Gorden Univestiy is one of the largest centres for obesity and diabetes research in the UK and holds a plethora of published research backing up the recommendation of low carb for diabetics. In their  recommended diet there are eggs and eggs in a proper low carb diet do not have the same biological effect as eggs in the recommended healthy diet rich in starch.

The presentation that was given and referred to above is available from go lower if any one wants to read it and satisfy themselves on the integrity of the research and the science.  simply email [email protected] and you will be sent a copy.

So what we see is that if you mix and match different foods you get different outcomes. Eat a lump of butter with bread and you will have very different effect on your cholesterol than if you eat the lump of butter on its own or with a mound of broccali.  But whilst all this has been well established in nutritional science it seems lost on the general public or the general commentators on nutrition and health.  The same can be said about the mix between food and lifestyle. If you lead a sedentary life why eat a diet which is high in easy energy? So don’t eat load of starch if you don’t like running around or working in the fields.

 It is with this in mind that I look forward to the mountain of new diets and solutions to our ever increasing waistlines. What wonderous drug or plant or mantra will save us from ourselves and our natural human biochemistry.  We shall all find out soon!

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