Dying to Slim

In todays Daily Mail there was an article on the death of a lady who apparently drunk too much water while on the Lighter Life diet.  No doubt LL will be busy putting together a full press response on the association between the very low calorie diet made up of protein based powders and organ failure.

Now this piece of bad press comes just a couple of weeks after they launched thier new diet which mixes the powders with ” real food”. In other words which is simply the slimfast option which is the combination of meal replacements and food combined. So for those who are not suitable for the full lighter life programme they now offer effectively a slightly moderated option that allows some meals with the protein shakes. 

As a passionate believer in real food I am always delighted to see others discover the joys of eating and the recognition that food in itself is not the problem.  Eating real food, as opposed to drinking, is very much part of our natural lives. We have been given teeth for a purpose. 

Good food in the right combination must be the right solution for weight loss. What is key is understanding not the issue of food verses shakes but what the right combination of different foods to help the body burn fat effectively.

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