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This week a lovely lady rang us looking for some advice. She had been following the Go Lower regime for about 5 days but had not made any progress in terms of weight loss or inch loss, and was understandably concerned.

As we chatted about her first week on the programme, she let slip that she’d indulged in some Kentucky Fried Chicken. She knew that Go Lower is a high protein plan, so she was sure that a big piece of chicken would be fine. Of course, the sad truth is that KFC has little to do with protein but a lot to do with starch. That crispy coating is full of quickly processed sugar.

I had to admit to her that she’s undone five days’ good work with just one meal. Unlike the calorie counting diets she was used to – which allow extra one day and less the other – a ketogenic diet
like Go Lower involves changing the way you eat forever. Once you understand the principles behind it and nail the do’s and don’ts, you’re home free – and for life, not just for a few, fluctuating months. Sacrificing a bit of the Colonel’s ‘chicken’ doesn’t seem so bad once the weight’s falling off – so she’s now tucking into fresh, herby chicken chasseur instead!

3 October 2008

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Photo courtesy of Kaitlin M - Flickr

Photo courtesy of Kaitlin M - Flickr

I’m delighted to announce that the Go Lower programme has just got a little rounder – in a way that will help our customers to become leaner, even more effectively.

Let me explain! We’re always looking for feedback about how Go Lower can be improved, and after one year of providing food and support to customers we have learnt a lot. Our main finding was that the best results come from when people commit to us and we commit to them in a truly holistic fashion. This means seeing Go Lower as a complete life change, not just a change in diet.

For example, we’ve learnt that it helps for us to give some extra special support at the very beginning of the diet, when newcomers to Go Lower need to break from old patterns and habits: so we’ve created the Detox period to get things off to a flying start.  We’re also even more aware of the impact of changing minds and attitudes as well as nutrition, so we’re emphasizing our ongoing, practical and personal support and advice on the diet, to ensure it is truly sustainable.

As ever, leave a comment below with any stories, experiences or feedback of your own to help us help you Go Lower!

15 September 2008

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Hi and welcome to! As the founder of Go Lower, I’ll be using the blog to update you on all the latest developments with the programme, along with details of my own daily thoughts and discoveries I feel are worth sharing.

It’ll also be full of informal discussion on the industry and musings on the latest news. Hopefully you’ll feel like you can get involved in the topics that arise, so please join in and share any thoughts, stories, experiences and opinions of your own.

I look forward to starting a great conversation!


9 September 2008

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