Battle of the Bulge


Thanks to The British Market Research Bureau we now know that more people are counting calories than ever before. This must warm the hearts of Weight Watchers and other calorie counting companies.  In fact an astonishing 24% of the adult population apparently think calories when making food purchases. 

Now this would be fantastic news for those trying to beat the obestiy epedemic if counting calories worked. Unfortuneatly it doesn’t.  The more we count the more weight we pile on and yet no one in government seems to ask the simple question WHY?

To answer the simple question Why is quite easy…read the published evidence based science on wieght loss.  

Only last night I saw that another piece of research that showed that calorie counting was an inefficient way of losing weight .  Actually the research was not set up to show this but one of the unexpected out comes was that a low carb diet ( not based on calorie counting ) not only brought about better weight loss but actually had greater impact on overall health. To read more follow this link.

But the best thing about this piece of research is how it highlights the different way the body burns different energy sources when you follow different diets.  See how the liver fat gets burned by low carb and not by low calorie…and it is the liver fat that is so bad for us…read and share

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