I’m Hannah. In 2007, at the age of 46 and with two teenagers, I gave up an established career as a lawyer to set up Go Lower Foods. It was a gamble but also the start of an incredible journey. I am passionate about helping others discover a healthy, real food diet based on science that allows rapid, sustainable weight loss. Welcome to Go Lower.

I’m delighted to be starting a blog, as the idea for Go Lower itself began with a simple conversation. Discussing the current obesity crisis with a consultant cardiologist friend, I discovered I had little idea of how the basic bio-chemistry of the human body actually works. As he explained, our bodies are incapable of storing fat without insulin. As foods high in starch and sugar raise insulin levels, they cause rapid weight gain – and these are the exact foods easily available and powerfully marketed in society today.

Surely it couldn’t be so obvious? Like a typical lawyer, I started to research, reading the latest scientific papers, attending conferences, arguing my case. The evidence began to pile up. So I put my theory on the line and altered my own diet. I cut out starch and sugar, practicing a very natural and intuitive way of eating based on our hunter-gatherer origins.

It not only worked; it was sustainable. And, incredibly, I couldn’t find anyone offering such an effective scientifically proven solution to weight loss and healthy eating. So I invite you to join the Go Lower journey yourself. Drop into this blog to find out our latest news, research and tips – and of course do get in touch with your own stories, questions and ideas.

Hannah Sutter

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