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I have just done a piece on Statins which can be found on I hope you enjoy another tale of “show me the money!”..please feel free to go to

What grinds me down is why , in the world of health, a declaration of interest seems to be a “get out of jail” card and appears to wipe the slate clean.

I simply can’t get my head around this at all.  Clearly we do want investment in drug discovery and health but we really need to ensure that those protecting the public interest are absolutely clean and free from dogma or rigged science. We need people who actually pride themselves on independence in every sense of the word.  We need those entrusted with our health choices to come with ” clean hands” . This is a super phrase that came from the old and now defunct Court of Equity, but the principals still apply in law.

If we had this introduced almost all those sitting on SACN would be removed and it appears that many of those sitting on  NICE committees would change.

There is more to come on conflicts of interest ……………..




24 July 2014

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