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When I first discovered the brilliance of low carb I was 10 years younger and a full time lawyer. My decision to go low carb for life came after a long period of reading about the history of the human diet as well as the studies being published illustrating the benefits in clinical trials.  We were evolved to eat low carb, high protein and the clinical trials constantly support this position.

Once I made the change I never looked back and whilst for some, the reason to go low carb is purely weight loss, for me it was general health. For years I believed that others in the world of health would see the same evidence that was so obvious to a lawyer but it seemed that I was a loan voice in a noisy market of low fat and high carb advocates.  Indeed the only people that seemed to share my understanding of human nutrition and food metabolism were either very specialist doctors in the US and the wonderful Dr John Briffa in the UK.

True low carb is really eating as a caveman which means that we should only eat natural foods and that is why I set up golower so that any low carbers or even non low carbers could eat snacks and food that lived up to the true principals of low carb eating. Whilst it does take years to develop products with such strict nutritional guidelines it is worth it as there is nothing more important than our bodies and our health , both inside and out.

Now 10 years on I am thrilled to see that Joanna Blythman , the very well respected food journalist, has written a great book on the subject called What to Eat. For me this is a brilliant break through and I do hope many more people will be open to the fantastic world of low carb which has been  seen as unhealthy or faddish. This is a real life changing diet and not only does it bring great changes to your body shape it actually gives you great health inside from lowering your blood pressure to reducing your bad cholesterol.

Thank you Joanna for having the balls to write this book.

11 March 2012

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  1. Hi Hannah,

    “lone voice.”


    George (a pedantic, born again, low carb ‘primal’ proof reader)

  2. Hello my name is Mala Thompson and in my food technology class I am learning about Low carb diet. Could you please give me information about the advantages and disadvantages of going on a low carb diet? It would also be very appreciated if you could give me any suggestions of easy good savory low carb snack recipes to make because I would like to try and make one.

    Thank you for your time
    Mala Thompson

    P.S apologies for my informal comment before

  3. Hannah Sutter said on 10th April 2012

    If you visit our web site at you will find a whole heap of information on low carb diets, their benefits etc. or feel free to visit the blog of Dr John Briffa. As for low carb snacks, you can join golower and as a member you will get access to all our recipes which are updated monthly or you could buy a low carb recipe book by Dr Charles Clark or Dr John Briffa. Both great low carbers which a passion for food. All the best

  4. I’ve just read Big Fat Lies and you have convinced me. But to convince the UK Government to change their ideas you need to get some celebrity like Jamie Oliver on your side to help spread the Low Carb message.

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