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Just recently a paper was published in Circulation Research which is a publication put together by the American Heart Association .  What is really fascinating is how it was not picked up by the UK press at all.  So while we were being bombarded with a lot of noise about a large study about processed meats which was based on a ” health questionnaire ” another study showing that replacing carbohydrate with fat was not even mentioned. This study was not based on health questionnaires but clinical trials and so was a far more robust piece of work.  Again this shows the fascination the press in the UK have for these large but somewhat inaccurate studies known as epidemilogoical studies. The numbers are always impressive but what everyone seems to miss is the fact that they are not clinical trials in any sense of the word.

I hope that a few people who are really interested in understand human metabolism will take the trouble to read this study and understand that fat is not bad and indeed fats may be the very food that protect our heart.

17 March 2012

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  1. Dear Hannah Sutter,

    Do you have a link to this study?

  2. Hannah Sutter said on 10th April 2012“>

  3. I do go with the low carb way of living and have done for years. My husband is a type 2 diet controlled diabetic. The low carb way does tend to produce higher readings overall. Especially if plenty of fat is eaten.

    However what worries me, with the GP funding now completely changed, that when I am caught at the doctor’s to do a blood test, my ‘cholesterol’ will be too ‘high’. They are mad on statins at our surgery. They made my husband and son incredibly ill. I never wish to take one. Many doctors and consultants are so head in the sand about this. Will now read the original article. Many thanks.

  4. Further to my earlier post I should have said higher cholesterol readings and normal blood sugar readings, in pargraph one.
    Sorry about the non clarity there.

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