June 2011

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We are all told that starch is essential for human life and indeed we have a whole food industry working towards starch being used in almost everything we eat. It is hard to buy anything that hasn’t been bulked up with starch.
Starch is fantastic for bulking up profit as it is cheap to produce but you can add on a massive margin to the consumer who has been told by the health industry that starch is essential to human life. Of course what the public aren’t told is that the studies which apparently show that starch is essential for human life are being funded by the starch companies.
Now what I can’t understand is why the nutrition profession do not make the public aware of the most basic fact of all which is that there are NO ESSENTIAL CARBS required for human life. We have essential amino acids – that is protein and we have essentially fatty acids which are fats and we have essential vitamins and minerals most of which are readily available in protein and fats. Having said that it is true that within the carbohydrate group we have leafy green vegetables which have lots of essential nutrients as do nuts seeds and some fruit.
So is it any wonder that we have health problems when the main constituent part of our diet today is based on the least essential food there is…otherwise known as STARCH. It is also not surprising to any fan of the hunter gatherer diet otherwise known as the Palaeolithic diet that guess what – if you cut out this totally unessential food you may actually improve your chances of either avoiding or minimising the risk of cancer.
Anyone that has any knowledge of early man (up till just 150,000 years ago) knows that cancer was not apparent. So to anyone with this knowledge knows that the recent study coming out of Canada showing that cancer growth can be stopped on a low carb high protein diet is not that ground breaking.
Man is quite happy living off ketones instead of glucose and what is not surprising is that certain cancer cells can only live of glucose which is the modern fuel of man. Cancer is a modern disease and will be linked to the way we live our lives today including the food we eat.
No of course the doubters out there will wave their finger at me and say “ what about all those studies showing that eating meat gives you bowel cancer ….etc. “.
Well yet again it is the food industry selling you short. Those studies are not clinical studies which mean they are making assumptions based on stats. It is true that a lot of people who eat a lot of meat will also be eating a lot of crap with their meat which is not the low carb way. Once you add in the low carb element the risk of meat – disappears.
Sad but true.
So for all you out there worrying about diabetes or cancer…go low carb and take control of your body the natural way.
The study will appear in the July issue of Cancer Research.

29 June 2011

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