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Just yesterday Nora Ephron (the genius behind When Harry Met Sally and many other brilliant films) wrote a piece in the Guardian on growing old etc.  She clearly loves food and life and at the age of 70 looks pretty fantastic.

The best bit in the piece was a short rant on egg white omelettes. Nora mentions a new book on healthy diets and it is likely that she was talking about the new book by Gary Taubes which explains why low fat, high carb diets are a road to misery and poor health.  She quite rightly reminds us that food is to be enjoyed and that there is nothing enjoyable about an egg white omelette.

Most people I know that are slim after the age of 40 fall into one of the following categories:-

  • They are super fit and don’t have a day job so have bags of time to exercise intensely for 3 hours a day
  • They are naturally thin and frankly couldn’t get fat even if they tried
  • They don’t eat starch and sugar.

Life is unfair but it is good to know that Nora also knows the secret to enjoying good health in later life.

11 February 2011

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  1. I have been following a low carb/low sugar diet for the last 15 years and don’t think it’s boring at all. I get all the carbs I need from vegetables, salad and low carb fruits such as raspberries, strawberries etc and certainly don’t feel as if I am missing out on anything. I’m almost 63 years old and still fit into my wedding dress which is now more than 30 years old.
    I’m also convinced that my diet enabled me to sail through the menopause without even noticing it was there.

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