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Happy New Year!

Or should I throw myself under the proverbial bus after the miserable message from the Health Minister that we are going to solve obesity in the UK by handing out money off vouchers to buy low fat high starch food?

 Dear,  oh dear. When you have the World Health Organisation actually saying that it is wrong for a government to endorse a low fat message I am even more convinced that a legal action becomes more likely. 

I had hoped after the Harvard announcement that the simple solution to obesity was cutting out sugar and starch – that someone somewhere in Whitehall might have, at very least, decided to look into this. Is it really that much to ask? 

Later on this month or in early February there will be another NHS report which will show rising obesity numbers and show that more overweight people are becoming obese. It will show that nothing appears to be working and it will blame the individuals for being lazy because that is easier than asking difficult questions.

 Let us brace ourselves for another year of eat less do more and watch Rome burn.

7 January 2011

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  1. David Brown said on 8th January 2011

    It’s our fault. Here in the USA we have the Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion (CNPP) which might be considered the highest nutrition authority in the world because that agency produces the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Now, if someone could persuade (or coerce) the CNPP to correct the mistakes in the Guidelines, the rest of the world would follow suite.

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