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After a long silence, as I focused my attention on some internal issues, it has come to my notice that the weight watchers team (wherever they hangout) have finally noticed that the issue is not how much you eat but what you eat.  Last year WW woke up to the well known science ( which has been around since the 70s ) that protein keeps you fuller for longer.

So for the many thousands of people, who have religiously attended their meetings and counted their points, but have failed to either lose weight or keep the weight off it is a time to celebrate. It wasn’t your fault. The fault is entirely with WW but what is extraordinary is that WW seem to have no difficulty explaining this to their audience. This was also true when they introduced the idea of protein into their diet.   I didn’t hear a single sorry or apology over the weekend as they launched their new programme. I know that I would be pretty pissed off if I had found out that the theory behind the WW proposition has never been properly tested and didn’t work.

This WW announcement takes me to the continuing theme of responsibility and integrity. The diet industry is absolutely teaming companies and people who feel no sense of responsibility or integrity. From snake oil to church halls this market is full of amateurs.  Obesity is not and never has been a simple problem which can be solved by eating a little less and doing a bit more. It is a biochemists nightmare and pro points are clearly not the solution.

1 November 2010

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