June 2010

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In this month’s edition of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition there is a really good Editorial commentating on a piece of research recently published which shows , surprise surprise that the biggest hazard to health is not Fat but processed carbs. This will come as no surprise to the average low carber but to many this is news. The study is large and has a long duration and provides direct evidence that substituting high GI value carbs for saturated fats actually increases heart disease risk. This article and research was published in the same month that SIGN decided to publish its guidelines on healthy eating for Scotland. Well guess what , the Scottish Government in its brilliance have decided that notwithstanding the published science that they will continue to pursue and healthy eating campaign that recommends high carb / low fat. No wonder that Scotland is the fattest place in the UK.

While all this continues we have the “experts” in the Food Standards Authority mulling over the issue of carbohydrates and their potential impact on heart health. I do hope that they bother to read this study or some of the other studies that support the argument that the biggest problem in our diet is not the fat but the carbs and in particular starch and sugar.

I suspect that by the time the FSA complete their investigation and decide that in fact the carbs are the problem, we will all be a lot fatter or dead. Meanwhile while these slow and rather desperate organisations rummage through old studies and old theories the smart thinkers are way ahead. There are studies now being published which show that low carb diets help epilepsy; PCOS; cancer and many other ailments but we are light years away from this being recognised by your average dietician.

Don’t hold your breath!

27 June 2010

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