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Last week I wrote about the publication of a study which suggests that there is no link between the intake of saturated fats and CVD and this was referred to today in an food industry newsletter. In particular they referred to the actual conclusion of that study:
“Our meta-analysis showed that there is insufficient evidence from prospective epidemiologic studies to conclude that dietary saturated fat is associated with an increased risk of CHD, stroke, or CVD”

The journalist for this particular industry publication then went on to ask for a comment from the FSA ( Food Standards Agency) as this particular government office has only just recently announced that it wants to reduce our intake of saturated fats even further.

“The Agency recognises that there is evidence to support an indirect link between saturated fat intake and increased LDL cholesterol, which may lead to increased risk of CHD. This is in line with World Health Organization and other eminent health bodies,”

So let’s just make this clear. You can’t eat saturated fats because of an indirect link that may lead to ……heart disease. This is the vaguest connection I have ever read from a so called serious scientific body. This is the same organisation that released a statement just three weeks ago telling us to stop eating saturated fats because it would definitely save lives…Hello. We have gone from a definite risk to a really vague connection. Well just so that we are all clear. The studies that they are relying on when they make this statement are so flawed it would make you weep.

Secondly the FSA appears to be hiding behind another organisation’s view – the WHO.

This would be all fine and dandy if it was correct but unfortunately for the FSA, the WHO has recently published a study which shows that there is NO LINK between the intake of saturated fats and heart disease. I suspect that the FSA have not been keeping up with publications by the WHO.

So when you feel all warm and cuddly relying on the advice of the FSA and believe that it is backed by the WHO and other eminent health bodies ….STOP. It isn’t. When you reach for the low fat spread believing that it is good for you remind yourself that humans were never designed to artificial fats. And as you tuck into the pasta the rice the bread and the potatoes remind yourself of the fact that this food is perfectly designed for a 17 hour day in the fields and not for the life of a modern man.

12 February 2010

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