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Last week the NHS published an interesting report providing us with up to date information on obesity in the UK. It did not attract much press attention because it repeats the same sad old story which is that the fat are getting fatter and diabetes and other associated illnesses are on the rise. What was slightly new was that there was a 100% growth in bariatric surgery which reflects the desperation for those who are overweight or obese.
These studies are great but only if someone actually reads them and then decides to take remedial action otherwise why bother spending all that money collecting all that data if you are just going to carry on doing what you are doing regardless. Amazing really.
In the same week we were also told that due to obese people had increased our incapacity benefit bill by £80million. God knows what the bill would be if you then added on all the costs to the NHS dealing with the side effects of obesity. With the average bariatric operation costing £7,000 the figure of £80million would equal 11 million operations.
This is quite an eye opener. Now if you then said that we could get the same results as bariatric surgery for just £1000 that would increase the number of people, who could solve their obesity problem, significantly. How mad is all this? £80million spent unnecessarily on a problem that can be solved by a simple diet change or the surgeon’s knife.

18 February 2010

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  1. Antjon said on 19th August 2010

    makes total sense, all we need to do is get this over to the people who need to diet. I know the majority of obese people would love to be slim and do anything to get that way, on the other hand a minority of them would sooner have the hand out and remain how they are

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