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Prof Feinman spoke at the 45th EASD Annual Meeting, Vienna, Austria to raise the challanging subject of the unfortuneate link between insulin and starch. It is not often that mere mortals like me get the chance to listen to this man so I thought I would share this link with anyone reading this Blog.


1 go to
2 go to page 10
3 look down the list of speakers until you find Prof Feinman
4 Click on the link and listen to his talk.

I know it is a bit of a hassle but there is no other way to get there. Anyone interested in getting thin or worried about diabetes should listen to this Prof in Biochemistry. Find out why eating lots of starch is just not great for you and why the problem is not in the fats we eat but in the starch and the sugar we consume.

5 November 2009

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