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Over the past 7 years since I took an interest in low starch / high protein diets there have times when it appeared that no one seemed remotely interested in solving the obesity crises other than by repeating the same inadaquate message of Eat Less – Do More. All that has happened, over the past six years ,while we are getting fatter, is that the tone of audio level of that message has changed from a normal voice to a loud shout. This will remind us all of the classic comedy sketch when the British visitor overseas, speaks to the local in English and when they dont “get it” starts to repeat it again and again but starts to shout or repeat it loudly slowly.

The tourist unable to speak french or spanish will never improve his communication with the locals until he starts to accept that the language is simply not appropriate for them. Shouting Eat less fat and do more to people that have an insulin problem need to understand that it will never work.

Having despaired at times over the lack of interest in low starch high proteing I am pleased to see two more scientific studies published in October which point the finger of blame at high starch / low fat. One is a meta analysis of epidemiological studies throughout Europe which concludes that there is no evidence of a link between low fat and weight loss. The second is a study on the comparative benefits of reducing fat or carbs in a diet. No surprises on the outcome. Whilst weight loss was comparitively similiar lipid profile ( ie cholesterol profile) of the low starch group was better. This is a consistent message in all the comparitive studies but for some reason people find it hard to understand that the real culprit in the obesity and CVD world is insulin and insulin resistence and that the key to solving this issue is the way we eat carbs and not fats.

Two steps forward.

1 November 2009

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