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SACN (Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition) an advisory panel to the government announced to day that we should increase our calorific intake guidelines. The guideline for men would rise from 2500 to 2900 and the female guideline whould rise from 2000 to 2400.

So while the Department of Health is busy telling everyone to eat less the so called experts have decided that we are not eating enough.

This is laughable but what is far more interesting but disconcerting is that our experts haven’t woken up to the fact that calorific intake is really a very small part of the whole nutrition equation. Infact it is really a big distraction. Anyone who simply views food as a pile of calories and our bodies as simply a machine that burns calories clearly fails to understand human bio chemisty which does not treat all caloires equally.

No wonder the average person is so confused and why 60% of the UK population is fat.

Could someone somewhere please remind the so called experts that counting calories whether you are fat or thin is pretty much a complete waste of time and energy? We have all been calorie counting like mad for 30 years but guess what … hasn’t worked!

14 November 2009

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