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Just last week another comparison trial was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and again the results showed that, whilst some experts would love to prove that low starch / high protein is less effective than the standard high starch/ low fat approach, the LSHP diet did better overall.

In particular the LSHP participants were able to maintain lower blood pressure after the weight loss period had ended and found it easier to stick to this form of dieting. It is really easy to follow a LSHP diet because you really dont need to count at all. As usual the HSLF group found it harder to follow and the added health benefits of low blood pressure did not last after the strick dieting ended.

What this trial did not test was inch loss and cholesterol profile and when these have been tested in the past , it is usual to find that the LS/HP group achieves a better cholesterol profile as well as improved inch loss.

How many more clinical studies is it going to take to get someone somewhere to tell the British Public that is possible to lose more fat faster, more efficiently and more sustainably following a low starch high protein diet.

22 November 2009

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