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Last week, Prof Feinman ( who has been a great help to golower and the low starch movement) spoke at the European Association for the Study of Diabetes Annual Meeting to present the case for low starch / low sugar diets in the management of diabetes.

Prof Feinman explained

“Keeping carbohydrates low would actually reduce the risk of CVD. In essence, fat in the presence of carbohydrate is where we find the problems, which is very different from fat in the absence of carbohydrate.”

He went on to explain that carbohydrates, either directly or through insulin, are control elements in the metabolism. “They determine the disposition of fat whether stored for obesity or whether having an effect on lipoproteins and vasculature. The metabolic effect of reducing carbohydrates is that it predisposes to oxidizing the fat rather than storing it, and in diabetes specifically, it prevents the metabolic state of high glucose and high insulin, which is detrimental across the board.”

Supporting this view were a number of other experts who agree with the desperate need to challange the current othodoxy that a high carb low fat diet is best for diabetics.

Naturally the usual low fat experts were there to argue the contrary. What is really encouraging though is that three years ago the arguement was that there was no evidence in favour of low carb. Now the arguement has had to move to the slightly dodgy arguement that we need more time to see what happens. In otherwords whilst the low fat fools cant ignore the ever increasing pile of clincial trials in favour of low carb they can sink back into the defensive position of ” we need longer trials etc” The longer this goes on the more people that are slowly but surely dying of carbs….which have never been an essential food to the human diet.

9 October 2009

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