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I am lucky enough to part of a scientific forum of experts who are interested in diabetes obesity and CVD in relation to diet. These experts come from across the globe and have together published literally hundreds of peer reviewed papers and books on the subject of food and health.
In particular they are all interested in the impact of insulin and fat gain. As you will note I use the word fat rather than weight.

Today one of the professors will be giving a talk at the European Conference on Diabetes and he will., I suspect, be suggesting something very very radical. He is going to suggest that diabetes is connected with an imbalance in insulin production and that this disease may be connected with a diet which causes an in balance in insulin production.

The arugument is very complex but it can be really simplified as follows:-

The only foods that cause significant insulin release are sugar and starch and therefore it may be the levels of sugar and starch in peoples diets that might be causing the diabetes epedemic. Interestingly most diabetics can come off medication when they strip sugar and starch out of thier diet.

No doubt the majority of dieticians will be horrified by this argument since it completly undermines the recommended diet for diabetics.

I am looking forward to finding out what he spoke about and what the reaction was.

1 October 2009

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