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In Endocrine Today an article was published highlighting the expense of following a Mediterranean diet and suggesting that this was an issue in the battle against the bulge. It is true that a steak will cost more than a pizza and it is true that fortified starch is cheaper than eating berries or spinach but we should all think beyond the obvious.
Whilst the cost of eating well is higher than filling up on cheap fodder in the form of grain sugar and other starches there are massive savings to be made in other ways.

Firstly a diet low in starch and sugar is unlikely to make you gain weight and therefore you are unlikely to require a diet club or diet drugs or other diet products and services. Secondly a diet low in sugar and starch is likely to be far more healthy and the need for endless skin and hair products will be reduced. The secret of beauty and youth is locked into nutrition more than anything else.

Now when you look at the cost of barriatric surgery or the real cost of diabetes and you start to wonder why anyone would begrudge spending a little extra on some healthy nutritious food rather than eating cheap fattening animal fodder….

If we can not explain to someone the benefits of eating well beyond a matter of out of pocket expense then we must accept that over half the population will be obese because sugar and starch are cheap for a reason.

21 September 2009

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