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While we all sunning ourselves during the August break a small announcement was made by the American Diabetes Association launching thier new service to people who may be pre diabetic. These are people that are often insulin resistant and are likely to develope diabetes type 2.

Up till now the ADA has had pretty much contempt for the notion that there is a link between the intake of carbohydrates and diabetes. It came as some surprise that the ADA has now launched this new area for pre diabetics with a focus on the intake of carbohydrates.

I suspect that like all other experts in diabetes it is becomming increasingly difficult to ignore the link between the eating of starch and sugar and a rise in insulin levels and the link between inceased levels of insulin and insulin resitance and subsequent diabetes type 2.

It is remarkable that any one ever thought it would be a good idea to feed a diabetic type 2 or a person with insulin resitance a diet rich in starch or sugar.

3 September 2009

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