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Last week a national paper in Sweden announced a new diet to lose weight – LCHF ( which means low carb / high fat). What surprised me is not the arguement that a low carb / high fat diet is likely to help you lose weigh but the notion that this is NEW. As far back as ancient Egypt it was known that glucose was linked to fat storage and therefore avoiding foods that cause spikes in glucose levels would aid fat loss.

When glucose levels are elevated, insulin will kick in and start storing excess glucose as fat. Fat ( saturated or otherwise) does not trigger insulin resposne so the fat collection process is not triggered by eating fat. The main foods that trigger insulin is starch and sugar..

Whilst starch and sugar are within the group of foods known as carbohydrates they are very different to other members of the same group like green beans or cabbage or almonds and nuts. They are all carbs but that group title is really misleading.

What woudl be helpful is a new definition of a diet called LSSHP ( Low Starch and Sugar / High Protein) . Perhaps that might be the solution ….Not New but a New Name.

26 September 2009

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