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Whilst I have been unable to blogg over recent weeks I have certainly kept up with my reading of scientific journals and it was interesting to read last night a piece from the journal Cancer Prevention Research which was looking at the prevention of prostate cancer. It would appear that a diet light in carbohydrate could slow down a tumor growth. Up till recently there was a presumption that this outcome was due to the subjects losing weight and therefore energy restriction was restricting the growth of the tumor. However new research has shown that in fact the reduction in energy was not all the story and that insulin had a role to play. Insulin not only regulates blood glucose levels but may also be affecting the growth and prolication of cells …including cancer cells.

As said by one of the researchers …” We found that carbohydrate restiction without energy restriction – or weight loss- does indeed result in tumor growth delay”.

This is really exciting news and again points the finger at insulin …..

28 May 2009

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