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It is times like this that I wish I could blog the way Dr Michael Eades does it.

If you really want to understand why the latest piece of research on meat and cancer is absolute nonsense then do go and read his blog at

As usual Michael explains in some detail why the latest attack on meat is nonsense and I would recommend it to anyone who really wants to understand nutrition.

While putting the science to one side I am absolutely amazed how anyone could think that the food we have evolved to eat could be bad for us. Is it not a mad world when we actually believe that something completely natural and non poisonous in its uncooked state could damage us.  And the same people that rant about the dangers of meat will no doubt rant about butter and encourage us to eat some highly processed nonsense called margarine made from foods which in their natural state are poisonous to us. 

I would also like to direct you to the blog by  Dr John Briffa both a nutritionist and a doctor .  Do follow this link

Enough said

27 March 2009

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