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Over the weekend there was much coverage about the growth in diabetes but It is really interesting to note that while our government bodies and dieticians and journalists shake their heads  in disbelief at the ever increasing numbers of diabetics in the UK they don’t ask the very simple question:-

Is there any type of diet which is impossible to develope diabetes from?

The answer to this simple question could be answered by any medic in the UK and is based on the pre med course in bio chemisty. The answer is simply Low Carb. It is impossible to develop diabetes type 2 on a low carb diet becasue there is very little stimulation of the insulin, unless you have a glandular problem.

So what is stopping us putting diabetics or pre diabetics on low carb diets?  Why do we opt for a drug solution when there is a simple real food option out there which has been supported by randomized clinical trials? Why do we believe that it is better to put someone on metformin than cure their diabetes?

The answer is simple.

·         We have somehow got ourselves in to a mindset which believes that high protein diets are bad for our kidneys and livers and yet the randomized clinical trials do not show this when you put people on a high protein, low carb diet.

·         We have also wound ourselves up into a fever of fear about fats and yet the most recent published science shows that the cholesterol levels of the dieters is improved more profoundly on low carb than low fat diets.

·         WE have a mistaken belief that starch is good for us but actually starch is low in essential vitamins and minerals and is virtually free from essential amino acids and fatty acids and is actually not that rich in fibre when compared to certain vegetables and fruits and nuts.

So notwithstanding published randomized clinical trials in peer reviewed journals of the highest calibre the government continues to push our population towards diabetes and the diabetics are pushed towards more drugs and eventual amputation and blindness.

Of course it would be a dreadful shame if we then discovered that the funding of diabetes UK was coming from drug and starch companies and wouldn’t it be awful  if we found that most of the research which was supporting the current guidelines on diabetes was coming from drug and starch companies.



3 March 2009

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