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Today I was checking out some information on dietary guidelines set by the government and I ended up at the BBC health page. The BBC is absolutely brilliant at explaining things in an easy to understand way and so I found myself checking out their view on “Healthy Eating” as defined by the government.


The BBC has divided their easy to follow guide in 11 sections to help the “surfer” find the information.  A novel idea and one based on the guidelines from the FSA.   The most interesting item on the list was the section called Sugar and Fats.


Now if I hadn’t spent the last 5 years reading about nutrition and bio chemistry (with a lawyers head on) I might have thought that these two food groups were in some way connected.  Clearly they are not and just for the record:-


  • Sugar is energy rich but nutrient poor and causes a high insulin response.
  • Fats, even saturated fats, are nutrient rich and cause a low insulin response.


Since insulin is critical to the process that turns calories into tummy fat it seems hard to understand how anyone with even basic knowledge of human digestion would link the two.


What is true is that if you eat lots of sugar or starch you are very likely to create a lot of fat around your tummy but that is quite a different link.



28 February 2009

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