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There was a really interesting E version of an abstract to be published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition in PubMed last week.  I had meant to write about it as soon as I read it but things have been busy. The research was looking at the general health benefits ( without interest in weight or inch loss) when a person switched from a modern western diet to the hunter gatherer diet. The numbers are small but the results are clear. 

When you switch a person from the modern diet to our natural evolved diet several things immediately happen without additional exercise or any other event:-

arterial blood pressure reduces

glucose intolerance improves

insulin secretion reduces

improved lipid profiles

improved insulin sensitivity


Historically these symptoms have been linked to low calorie / fat diets but only after significant weight loss and the problem there has been the time it takes to lose those extra inches or weight. The great thing about returning to our natural diet is that we immediately gain benefits of general health and of course, as has been shown in numerous clinical trials, the body loses more fat faster with low carb high protein than the usual recommended diet.


I look forward to reading more about this research when the paper version is released.

23 February 2009

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