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Well is it not sad to see that weight watchers the so called experts in weight management have just cottoned on to the benefits of foods that keep you full? I find it unbelievable that anyone in the world of nutrition or science could take this company seriously. It has been known in the world of clincial science that counting calories is a nonsense unless you look at the nutritional value behind the calories and that not all calories are equal.  So finally weight watchers realise that what matters is not the amount of calories but what those calories are!  Darwin, knew all this over 150 years ago.

In the same week that Weight Watchers have thier eureka moment , just 150 years too late, i read that another well known diet company have thier own eureka moment…wait for it …women who are size 8 have more sex than women who are larger.  Apart from the fact that I cant believe that such a survey is correct or indeed accurate I think it a sad reflection on such a diet company. God Help us. Next thing we know some diet company will be telling us that food is dangerous.



8 January 2009

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