January 2009

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There has long been an understanding that stress can have a adverse affect on our health generally and so it should come as no surprise that stress is not very good for losing weight .  But why does stress cause us to gain weight or hold onto weight ?  Yet again the answer is in biochemistry and not in our imagination.

When I first moved from law to nutrition I met with a wonderful doctor called Charles Clark who has written many excellent books on losing weight and health.  He was the first to highlight to me  the effect that stress can have on our bodies and how it can not only stop diets working but actually make your body gain weight. 

Stress normally causes us to release a hormone called adrenaline which is designed to prepare the body for flight or fight.  A consequence of releasing adrenaline is a related release of insulin.

Insulin is a very clever hormone which actually turns excess energy into human fat. Without insulin it is impossible to turn energy ( in any form ) into human fat. If a diabetic type one ( ie a person that can not produce insulin) does not take insulin he/she can not gain weight even if they eat lumps of lard all day. Elevated insulin levels more than often  result in the body getting fat. So adrenaline triggers insulin release and that causes us to get fat.

 At the same time when some of us are stressed our body craves instant energy to “ manage” the stress and so we turn to sugar and starch which both give us the instant energy that our bodies crave. The sugar and starch both give rise to a significant  insulin release and yet again we have put our bodies into fat collection mode.

Relax and take control of your insulin.

24 January 2009

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I was really delighted to see a preview of a new film on the obestiy crises which is being released in the US. First there was Supersize Me now there is Fathead.

Go to this link and preview the film.  If you are short on time I recommend Big Fat Lie and the Mcgovern Report.


17 January 2009

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Well is it not sad to see that weight watchers the so called experts in weight management have just cottoned on to the benefits of foods that keep you full? I find it unbelievable that anyone in the world of nutrition or science could take this company seriously. It has been known in the world of clincial science that counting calories is a nonsense unless you look at the nutritional value behind the calories and that not all calories are equal.  So finally weight watchers realise that what matters is not the amount of calories but what those calories are!  Darwin, knew all this over 150 years ago.

In the same week that Weight Watchers have thier eureka moment , just 150 years too late, i read that another well known diet company have thier own eureka moment…wait for it …women who are size 8 have more sex than women who are larger.  Apart from the fact that I cant believe that such a survey is correct or indeed accurate I think it a sad reflection on such a diet company. God Help us. Next thing we know some diet company will be telling us that food is dangerous.



8 January 2009

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I am sure that many people are confused by the numerous different diets and in particular we are often asked what is the difference between Atkins and Go Lower and here is a brief summary of what makes us different:-

Firstly we do the work for you by making and delivering the meals to you. There is no weighing or counting required. At GoLower we believe that one of the main contributors to obesity is the continuing alienation between man and food. We are constantly seeing food as a series of numbers whether it is carbs, calories of grams of fat. Therefore one of the key differences is that we stop you thinking in numbers. We help you liberate yourself from the bizarre notion that counting food is either natural or appropriate.  Infact the calculation of Net Carbs in the Atkins Diet makes no sense in the UK due to our packaging legislation. Counting carbs is nutty when you think that there is a clear difference between 10g of carbs in a green bean salade as opposed to 10grams of carbs in a chocolate bar.  The whole idea of measuring food by numbers is completely dated.

Secondly we do not use artificial sweeteners. We know that if you continue to crave sweet things you will find it harder to keep slim once you have achieved your goal. At Go Lower we don’t use splenda or any other sweetener which actually can increase the consumers desire for sweet foods.

Thirdly we do not advocate any artifical ingredients even for weight loss. Go Lower is about quick weight loss and sustainability  and not about quick fix and then weight gain. 

Fouthly we provide real customer support. Not only does this help you if and when you plateau but also ensures long term success through the education of cooking and understanding food and nutrition. Even the Atkins Book cant answer your personal issues and address your personal eating issues which can define your success.

So while there are similarities as we both take you to a state of ketosis there are also a lot of differences.

6 January 2009

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