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The newspapers really do love to shock the public with more extreme diet tales which range from diets don’t work through to the most recent scare which is that very low calorie diets will kill you.

Very Low Caloire Diets have been shown to help some people and  can be the only real affordable option available for rapid weight loss.  Barriatric surgery is another possibility but at £5,000 to £8,000 a pop it is hard for many people to justify.

What was disappointing in the recent article is that there was no real debate about the options open to people.There is an assumed belief that one diet will suit all.  How superficial is that? We are all different and therefore the diet we chose to help us lose weight or get fit of improve our health must suit us both in terms of lifestyle and metabolism.

As a passionate believer in real food as a permenant weight loss solution, I may not promote the use of shakes or meal replacments but i understand that for some this is an option that will work for them for short term success.

Lets have a proper debate about all the options available to the public without being extreme or misleading.

17 November 2008

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