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Let me tell you what happened to me last week. I was invited to attend a
debate on saturated fats. As it was co-sponsored by the government and
Unilever, my hopes were high. I was looking forward to hearing the
arguments – both pro and anti – thrashed out, not least because the
invitation intimated that the discussion would be science-led.

How disappointing! Only one speaker actually presented any published
science. The rest of them trotted out the usual folklore and unfounded
hearsay that I’ve heard so often before.

The speaker who gave the scientific presentation suggested there wasn’t
sufficient good evidence to prove that saturated fats are bad for us.
But this proposition was never properly addressed.

It’s frustrating to be asked to an event that you expect to be
even-handed and enlightening, only to be met with the same old same old.

And let me leave you with one thought. If, as most people believe,
Darwin is right and we have evolved to survive, why on earth would we
have developed to eat these ‘killer’ fats?

It doesn’t make any sense to me. Does it to you?

17 September 2008

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  2. Hi there I am a third year Human Nutrition student and also about to begin my Go Lower path on Tuesday. I happen to agree with you, I don’t understand why society lives of the cheap starchy, carbohydrate laden foods if we know they are bad for us. Cave men lived off the land and not one of them was over weight or obese, yes they worked hard but also lead a single life of eating raw meat and plants. We know this works yet the UK continues towards an obesity epidemic.
    The killer fats are indeed killer fats or make the majority of us over weight and miserable. I wonder if there will be a generation where this is no longer a concern?

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